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New! These caves are excellent sources of shelter for your fish, and as a bonus they double up as Do-It-Yourself moss balls which have an array of benefits for you, your fish and your tank's health. This design will come in four different sizes for a range of species.


(Sizes in mm)

Medium: 91L x 84W x 62H (62mm inside diameter)


The Moss Cave works by simply placing moss between the two spheres and clipping them together. Place the sphere in the tank, and the last step is to wait.


The Moss Cave currently uses a Cement/Sand mixture to weigh it down to the bottom of the tank. This mixture may raise pH, and is optional - feel free to choose "None" under the "Concreted" options to weigh the cave down yourself. 


The cave creates excellent hiding places for fish and even work as breeding grounds for fish such as Dwarf Cichlids. The moss then works to take up excess nutrients (such as Nitrates and Phosphates) as it grows and hosts microbial colonies for fish, especially fry, to feed on. 


All of our products are carefully 3D-Printed in ABS plastic and individual products may take 3-16 hours to print - please allow for 5-10 business days for us to put the best care into creating your Moss Cave. Due to the nature of 3D Printing, products may differ from the images above. Our models are frequently modified to improve their use, so models may differ slightly from those advertised.


This model is currently under a testing phase. While it's in this phase, we're offering a 15% discount to all buyers!

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