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Terms and Conditions as of 29/10/2016

First, Copyright is pretty important to Us. All images, text, videos and other content, unless stated otherwise, belong to Fishwise Limited and is protected under Copyright laws. You agree to not reproduce any content for Commercial use or Personal use unless stated otherwise (We'll be sure to let you know if certain content can be reproduced). However, users maintain copyright of any content produced by them and hosted on Our website. Content uploaded by a user should be their own and any content uploaded that breaks Copyright Infringement laws will be removed and the user will be notified. We really would like to respect content creators and our users, and we take this pretty seriously.

Due to the nature of Fishkeeping (the keeping of fish, plants and other organisms in Aquaria), information given may change at any time, as information is often updated to the current correct or commonly agreed-upon facts and opinions. Because of this also, Fishwise will also not be held liable for any misinformation or errors given or the consequences of such misinformation/errors. We try really, really hard to be up-to-date with correct information, but as with all humans we can make mistakes too.

Articles, Forum Posts, Comments and other content written by Individual Users are not representative of Fishwise and our views, and we will not be held liable for anything written by Our users.

We sometimes link to other websites or reference books, and think it's pretty cool to share information - however we are not liable for any content, policies or terms and conditions held by these websites, and have no affiliation with third-party websites or books unless specified otherwise.

Based in New Zealand, these terms are governed by the laws of New Zealand.

Prices may change without given notice, however we will try to notify users for major shop-wide price changes.

Prices given are GST Inclusive, unless stated otherwise.

Although we try to best represent our products as accurately as possible, received products may differ from those advertised. This is primarily due to the nature of their production such as 3D Printing or paper printing. 3D Printed Products and Educational Materials may also differ as designs are updated frequently in order to create a better product, however we will try to update all descriptions and images of changes when possible. Other products may differ from those advertised due to changes in supply.

Unfortunately products are subject to availability. We try to keep our stock levels up to date, however if a product is not available, we will offer to either send a similar product of the same price or offer a full refund.

If your product is broken or faulty, we may offer returns with shipping at your cost. As every sale is individual, please contact us for information on product returns. Digital products may not be returned or refunded.

We may change these terms and conditions without any given notice, however we'll try to let you know if anything changes!

If you have any questions about our terms of use, please contact us.