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New! These planters are designed to hold Emersed plants known for their excellent nutrient uptake and the addition of an excellent natural form of decoration for your tanks. This model comes in three separate sizes listed below, with the options of holder kits made specifically for your tank's specifications. 


(Sizes in mm, excludes holders/stabilizers)

Small: 49L x 64.21D x 21H

Medium: 65L x 72.7D x 95H

Large: 85L x 82.82D x 100H

Extra Large: 95L x 88D x 115H


The term Emersed refers to plants which grow their roots in water. There are many plants suitable for this role, popular options including:

- House Plants such as Peace Lilies, Spathiphyllum sp., Arrowhead Plants, Syngonium sp. and the Spider Plants, Chlorophytum comosum

- Marginal plants, often sold in pet and garden stores, such as Acorus sp. and Mouse's Ear, Saururus cernuus.

- Vegetables such as Mint and Chilli plants are excellent for DIY Aquaponic Systems. Please note that these plants often prefer high light, and that some chemicals commonly used in fish tanks may not be suitable for producing edibles. 


Be sure to buy the additional holder kits unless you intend on using other methods for holding the planters. Kits are made specially to suit your tanks, with two "default" sizes available. For those with Rimless tanks, small holders for glass widths of up to 12mm are available. For tanks with Bracing, large holders for braces up to 60mm are available. Holders with braces also come with stabilizers as default.


For sizes not listed, just flick us an email and we'll be able to design holders for an extra $3 per kit.



All of our products are carefully 3D-Printed in ABS plastic and individual products may take 3-16 hours to print - please allow for 5-10 business days for us to put the best care into creating your Planter. Due to the nature of 3D Printing, products may differ from the images above. Our models are frequently modified to improve their use, so models may differ slightly from those advertised.

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