What is New Life Spectrum

New Life Spectrum (NLS) is a much sought out brand of fish food available throughout the world, known for its quality ingredients and high digestibility. Made in America, New Life Spectrum provides a large range of foods for all your fishes' needs. 


Why Choose New Life Spectrum?

Fishwise Ltd is proud to be the official distributor for New Life Spectrum in NZ, and we encourage you to try out our range. Why chose New Life Spectrum?


    • Unlike some other brands, NLS is manufactured in the USA, ensuring high quality production.


    • NLS Provides a wide range of foods, including (but not limited to!): AlgaeMax with 9 varieties of Algae, UltraRED colour-enhancing formula, Nutri/Gel Gel formula, Thera-A garlic-enhanced formula, FLOAT for surface-feeders, and species-specific formulas for Goldfish, Discus and Bettas.


    • High quality ingredients are key, so NLS provides more quality foods (such as Whole Antarctic Krill, Whole Herring and an array of Algae sources) before the fillers (such as Soy, Flour, Wheat Germ and Yeast). This provides high digestibility, reducing the chances of ailments such as Bloat and malnutrition. 



    • Pelleted foods are a higher density and often more economical in terms of cost for amount fed. As pelleted foods contain less air, some feel this can also prevent issues such as bloat for fish that may over-consume foods (such as Siamese Fighters) and feeds fish quicker. 


    • New Life Spectrum formulas are slow to break down, meaning fewer excess nutrients are put into the tank, and are instead fed to the fish!


    • Garlic enhanced formulas are great for fussy eaters, and are believed by some to reduce the chances of internal parasites and other diseases.




Where to Find New Life Spectrum

That's a good question! Check out our suppliers here:


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Demitry Pet Supplies



15 Thames Street, Morrinsville, 3300



Kamo Pet Store


521 Kamo Road, Kamo, Whangarei 0112


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The Fish Room



611A Main Road, Stoke, Nelson 7011


Tauranga Aquarium Services




More Information

Don't just take it from us, check out New Life Spectrum's official site: http://nlsfishfood.com/ - we definitely recommend checking out their pages on health, nutrition and resources!


 Dealership Inquiries

We're always looking for new suppliers for New Life Spectrum foods! Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or using this form (Category: Business Inquiry) with your company's name and contact details.


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