Fishkeeping can be confusing - that's for sure. Trying to explain aspects of Fishkeeping can be even more confusing, and we want to help prevent that. 


Our Goal

Our aim is to provide easy-to-understand materials for Retailers, Hobbyists, Students and all kinds of Fishkeepers around New Zealand, based on the many different aspects and views around how to best keep fish in aquaria. Many people can be significantly more likely to understand a concept when it's explained visually, and providing materials to take home (such as cards and brochures) when buying new fish or plants can really help to create the best possible environment for our beloved pets.


What is Available?

We hope to provide multiple visual mediums for learning about fish care, including:

- Posters, aimed to give basic, easy-to-remember information for choosing Fish and Plants.

finding fishy friends


- Brochures, designed to give more in-depth information to take home or to teach about many different aspects of Fishkeeping.

cycling infographic


- Cards, designed to provide basic care-sheets for the many different species of fish and plants available in NZ.

betta splenders siamese fighting fish


- A4 Handouts, created to provide important information to take home or to provide training.

ich lifecycle 2


What are the Costs?

All of our products can be found online for free, however we also offer prints of our products to individuals and businesses. We'll admit that printing costs are high when ordered in small numbers, so we do recommend ordering in bulk when possible.


Where do I Find or Buy Educational Material?

All of our Educational Material can be found in our Online Shop, and should soon be available at your local retailers! For BusinessesFeel free to Contact Us about setting up a Business Account in order to get the best deals for buying our products.


Do you take commissions? 

Of course! We can take private commissions (in which the future material can be used by you), or for a lesser cost, we can take public commissions (in which the future material is available to all of our customers). We're always open to suggestions for new material, and are constantly working to provide better quality products for hobbyists in NZ. We can also work on licensing deals if you wish to print our materials yourself.